SAIL is a program provided in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The goal of the SAIL Project is to provide safety and self-sufficiency for the victims of domestic violence and their children. This project was started when statistics showed a high correlation between domestic violence and receipt of welfare. Domestic violence creates barriers that interfere with a person’s ability to comply with TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and child support requirements. The SAIL Project provides for a domestic violence Advocate at each office of DHR, either on site, or by phone. The SAIL Specialist works with the staff of DHR to provide services that will help to secure the safety of their clients who live in family violence. 

SAIL assists participants in making a personal safety plan to maximize the safety of the victim and children. The participant is free to make their own choices while the specialist offers guidance and helps look at all the possible solutions when solving a problem. SAIL can assist with housing needs, purchase of vital records, and security.

By becoming a SAIL participant, clients are open to receiving all the services Victim Services provides. SAIL participants do not have to go into shelter as part of the program. For more information, call 256-775-2600.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the SAIL program, you must meet the following criteria: 

• Must be willing to be referred to the SAIL project

• Must be current or past victim of domestic violence

• Available income must be equal to or less than200% of federal poverty level

• Must be member of a family that includes minor child under 18 or 18 and in school

• Must be willing to sign a release of information that allows for the sharing of information that affects her/his eligibility for cash assistance and/or other DHR services