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Domestic violence can have a profound impact on victims’ mental well-being. It can cause emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. At Victim Services of Cullman, we understand the lasting effects and are here to offer counseling support to survivors. Our counselor provides a safe space to heal and regain control of your life.

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Court Advocate

Facing legal proceedings can be overwhelming and intimidating for anyone but especially for victim of domestic violence, fortunately we have a Court Advocate step in to guide and support you. With our Court Advocate’s knowledge of the legal system and unwavering support, they can guide you through the process, provide information and resources, and ensure your rights are protected. Our Court Advocate is here to be your voice, your ally, and your source of strength in the court room.

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Shelter Services

Victim Services offers both Emergency and Transition Shelters. For emergency shelter, call 256-734-6100

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Child and Family Services

Victim Services believes that early intervention is key to ending the cycle of family violence. Our Children's Advocacy Program is designed to meet the needs of the youngest survivors by providing children a way to safely talk about their questions, experiences, and fears.

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Domestic Violence Services

Victim Services provides crisis response and recovery services for families or individuals who have been impacted by violence.

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Community Outreach and Education

Our Community Outreach and Education Programs seek to reduce the risk of violence through providing information and safety tools for vulnerable groups.

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Our Mission is to lead Cullman  County in the prevention of and recovery from domestic violence by providing shelter, crisis response, education, and advocacy.

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